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Discussions held about overseas games

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Premier League shareholders are targeting playing competitive games overseas within the next few years.

Taking matches outside of England has long been discussed, with former league chairman Richard Scudamore first bringing up the idea of a ’39th game’ all the way back in 2008. These plans did not receive support from UEFA, FIFA or the FA, leading to them being scrapped.

There has always been a feeling that overseas games are an inevitability and we could be one step closer to seeing it, according to David Ornstein of The Athletic.

He reports that when Premier League club executives met in London last week, continuing the growth of the competition around the world was one key area of discussion. The United States, China, India, Brazil and Indonesia were all pinpointed as potential expansion areas.

A ‘roadmap for meaningful matches abroad’ was also mentioned, building on discussions about taking Premier League matches around the world back in June. Although the plans would take several years to be compiled and implemented, the discussions mean we are closer than ever to seeing games being played overseas.


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